Are we really all that different?

The latest buzz phrase within the medical community is that we humans are all different. Leading the way in this evolving world view are the geneticists, who are busy trying to look into our DNA to find the genes that cause the individual disease states, both physical and mental. I keep reading of the latest … More Are we really all that different?

The divided mind

Janovian primal therapy (JPT) was the therapy process that opened up my mind to the three levels of consciousness. There are many different types of psychotherapy being practised around the world today, but Janovian primal therapy is different to most others in that it requires the patient to be ‘in’ the reliving, rather than outside looking in. … More The divided mind

Life as a House

When I write about, or try to explain the three levels of consciousness, it seems to be hard for people to envisage what it really means in terms of human functioning. To overcome this I use the analogy of a three story house. The first level of this house is the basement, which represents the first … More Life as a House

How three levels of mind explains many human experiences.

The understanding that the human brain has three distinct levels of consciousness can explain many of the unusual spiritual experiences that humans are capable of having. For example the following is a newspaper report on a near death experience. Headline is “STONES ‘BEAUTIFUL’ DEATH” Sharon Stone claims she is no longer afraid of dying after … More How three levels of mind explains many human experiences.

Domestic Violence

In recent years in Australia the issue of domestic violence has been in the news on a regular basis. Rosie Batty was made Australian of the Year in 2015 for her strong advocacy for victims of domestic violence. Rosie suffered violence from her partner, and in a horrible scene on a sports field, this same … More Domestic Violence


Many people who commit suicide appeared to have everything to live for. They had an apparently loving family, good friends and a steady job. And yet they still decided to opt out from this life. The nature of suicide confuses many people, including those in the psyche professions. The following is a statement written by … More SUICIDE


Like depression (see previous post) anxiety is better understood from the Three Levels of Mind. Also like depression, the current medical model does not understand what the causes of anxiety are and therefore the common treatments are also reasonably ineffective. They treat the symptoms and not the causes. Treating symptoms is dealing with the 3rd … More Anxiety


The current mental health paradigm does not know what causes depression, and the treatment protocols are not very effective. The Australian website for ‘Beyond Blue’, which is government-backed, contains information about depression and anxiety. The following comments come from that site. ‘Three million Australians are living with depression or anxiety.’ ‘Sometimes there is no obvious cause … More Depression